review: the chugging pig

I love me a vintage van. So aside from the boxes of tasty goodness, this lunch spot also allows me to indulge my crush for mechanical classics. The apple of my eye is chef Sarah Copp’s 1960s Citroen H van. Having spent her previous chef life in all manner of establishments, from beach cafes to Michelin starred hotspots, she has chosen to share her talents with a worldly menu so that you can make the most of your lunch hour or simply find some solace in the midst of a fraught weekday shopping trip.

The menu usually includes at least two daily specials, as well as a homemade soup and freshly baked goodies, all of which borrow the best from cuisines across the globe. Today’s specials were no exception.

The Mexican chicken sandwich with tomato and onion salad, rocket and an Aji creamy verde sauce was a lovely balance of sweet and spicy, perfect to give you a kick into your desk bound afternoon.

The other special also did not disappoint – the fish finger buttie with pea and mint purée and tartare sauce ticked every childhood nostalgia box and then some with some of the most crisply coated but melt in the mouth fishy nuggets I have enjoyed for some time.
For around £5 you will not just fill your stomach but will  fill it well, so unsurprisingly this little van has become my lunchtime go-to.

You can generally find Sarah every week day in the Town Church churchyard on the side of the Royal Square, so take your pick of the day’s menu and take a sunny pew in the Square for a spot of post lunch people watching. What better way to spend a lunch hour?

And with a menu that changes daily, you have no reason to stay away from the Chugging Pig for too long.

Grab a wooden fork and dive in….

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