travel: Mykonian wine tasting

It’s hot but breezy. The vineyard stretches out in front of us as a sea of green; biodynamically managed and encouraged to grow with a daily dose of Mozart played through the speakers surrounding the field. 

Vioma Organic Farm is, put simply, a rural idyll that feels a million miles from the glitz and sparkle of Mykonos old town and its array of millionaires and ‘here to be seens’. A shady place to sit and a tasting of their three wines is the perfect way to while away the hottest hours of day. The light as a feather red and the unusual traditional sweet red, full of sultanas and natural sugars, are made of the local Aegean grapes, still picked by hand and stomped, once a year, with the village at a celebratory feast.

For me, the real winner was the outdoor kitchen. A rustic masterpiece that sets all my day dreams of living in rural Italy alight. Holiday heaven 

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