review: DL’s Deli & Cafe @ The Harbour Gallery

Photo courtesy of The Harbour Gallery. Image source

The weekend brunch jumped across the Atlantic and made itself at home on Blighty’s shores a few years ago and many of us now indulge in a bit of leisurely breakfast feasting in our down time. I have my favourite island  brekkie spots but there is always room for a few more, so this week we scooted down to St Aubin’s and up the stairs of The Harbour Gallery to DL’s Deli & Cafe.

Situated just off the harbour and on the first floor of the Gallery, the space is more Shoreditch loft than traditional harbour cafe; I’m sure that the high ceilings and blanket of windows would make the most of even the gloomiest day. If the sun has come out to play you can even settle on one of the cafe’s outdoor tables just in the entrance.

Service is exceptionally friendly and relaxed and the food is modern, home style with a few surprises thrown in, such as the special of the day, “The Elvis”; a sourdough sandwich of bacon, peanut better, chilli oil, fried egg and banana! I was introduced (as a real skeptic) to the bacon, peanut and chilli combo some years ago at a famous North London brunch spot, The Hot Pepper Jelly Cafe, and I must admit that I was pretty tempted to try the ‘special’.

Alas however, as the previous few week’s holiday eating had me crying for something a little lighter and the avocado was a perfect choice. Well seasoned and generously heaped avocado on toasted sourdough, served with beautifully softened tomatoes and a poached egg; it ticked all the expected boxes. The extra side of bacon was also crispy (in my opinion the only way that bacon should be), albeit maybe a little bit too salty for my taste.

The Mr was exceptionally pleased with his choice of a Full English and particularly the quality of ingredients; all too often a full English is a bye-word for a heaving plate of fat soaked, badly made rubbish but that is far from the case at this Deli. The black pudding in particular was a peppery, well textured star. What’s even better is the pocket-friendly price, as £7.95 buys you the full English breakfast, 2 slices of toast and a tea or coffee. The coffee is also delicious.

We enjoyed our visit to DL’s so much I failed to take even a single snap so you will have to take my word for it that a visit to this little sea-side wonder is worth it. You’ll also get a side of art and local craftsmen thrown in as you can wonder the Gallery’s floors while you digest the Deli’s delights. 

Tasty plates, a bit of art and a stroll along the harbour; doesn’t that sound like the ideal start to a relaxing weekend?


  • Further information on the website of The Harbour Gallery
  • Open Monday – Sunday 9 – 5pm
  • St Aubin’s Harbour

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