review: JB’s Smokehouse

Smoked meats. 200+ craft beers. Ping pong. Those are surely the makings of a perfect ‘man night’ but also the three basic tenants of JB’s Smokehouse, a casual American inspired bar in St Helier.

If I am honest I am generally fairly skeptical of ‘American style’ dining and particularly of barbecue offerings outside the Deep South. The Mr and I had the chance to travel through Memphis & Louisiana last year and even in the home of smoked meats the quality of real barbecue food was unreliable to say the least. Barbecue has become a strong food trend in the UK over the last few years and has produced some mainstays of London’s current food scene (step forward Pitt Cue just for starters), but also some terrible imitations of Southern flavours.

I am glad to report that JB’s Smokehouse does not fall into that latter category however! They only use local beef and smoke all their meats in house on a daily basis; a commitment that is testament to a restaurant that cares about their barbecue. The beef short rib was as soft as they come, falling off the bone if you breathed on it and full of meaty richness, while the chicken wings were moist and full of juice. For me they could have upped the ante with a more generous helping of seasoning and spices on the wings but that is really just personal preference; once you make the most of their in-house barbecue sauces full of vinegar and spice you won’t have any gripes. 

More importantly the platter was fantastic value – the £20 tray of two meats fed both of us – and the prices across the whole menu are very reasonable.

On top of that you get to flex your muscles with a bit of ping pong (or for the braver, beer pong), try some interesting craft beers and enjoy a DJ on weekend evenings. A perfect place for a full belly and few laughs with friends faces

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