review: the Rozel Pub

One of the great joys of living in the UK is the country pub and I am lucky that this beauty is right on my doorstep. Now forming part of Chateau Le Chaire (which is conveniently located stumbling distance away if you are looking for a weekend treat) the Rozel Pub & Dining Room is back on the map as the ideal pub dining experience.

The menu reflects the best of British classics (think Toad in the Hole, pork belly and burgers) with a few nods to the Mediterranean thrown in, as well as a number of daily specials, so you are bound to satisfy even the fussiest eater.

The calamari is up there with some of the best we have had; light, crispy and delightfully unchewy and served with a punchy mayo singing with citrus. The crab cake is also delicious and delivers a perfect balance of herbs and crunchy coating. Not all the dishes ordered have been as thoroughly convincing but the plates are always hearty and with more finesse than you would otherwise expect in a pub, so it’s no surprise that the Pub is recommended by the Michelin Guide.

Service is a little patchy and tends to be on the slow side, so best not to head here if you need to eat in a hurry! Booking in advance is also advised on weekends and for big parties.

The real reason that I love this place though is the Pub itself. Nestled in Rozel bay, it’s the perfect place to wait out wet and windy weather; take your dog, get cosy by the fire, play board games, chat with the locals and just relax. In busy times like these who doesn’t want to stop time for just a wee while and breathe? Take my advice; you’ll find that space in Rozel.

Banner image courtesy of Rozel Pub & Dining Room.

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