review: Dandy

To me, coffee is one of life’s little luxuries and I can be a bit of a fusspot. I hate instant with a passion and even some freshly brewed coffee is too bitter and lackluster for me to honestly enjoy. I remember trying to ‘teach’ myself to like coffee as a youngster by mixing vast amounts of hot chocolate with tiny amounts of instant coffee; I think we can all imagine that that wasn’t successful….

What did help though was discovering great coffee, sourced from high quality producers and brewed by experts. Give me a cup that meets these criteria anytime and a cup that I know will always tick these boxes is one from Dandy.

Now at two locations (Colomberie and Conway Street), these slick bastions of caffeine knock out delicious coffee and plenty of tasty morsels to see you through from morning until mid-afternoon (I can particularly recommend the Smoked Ham Toastie). The coffee comes in reassuringly normal sized cups (no American style guzzlers here) and has a gratifying depth of flavour which only comes from a high quality bean.

I also love the shops which have a retro simplicity which just works. All in all, you can’t wrong if you call into Dandy for your caffeine high.

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