review: brunch at Suma’s

You may have noticed that I like breakfast; there is something about our morning favourites that works at any time of day when we are craving something familiar and comforting. On a day off it is not just the dish that matters though; it feels like a real indulgence to have a long leisurely brunch with no rush, no confusing menu choices and easy conversation and Suma’s may have just shown itself to be a real weekend brunch player.

First there is the view; if you can snag a table on the terrace (which is covered so no weather fears) then you can while away the hours watching the Gorey harbour comings and goings and marvelling at the castle. Second there is the food; a reliable menu of breakfast staples made with quality ingredients and a focus on flavour. My turmeric scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on sourdough was the most ‘exotic’ dish on the menu but hit the spot with soft eggs and chewy toast. Third is the value; every dish comes with tea/coffee, toast and pastries included so the £10-£13 price tag is an absolute bargain.

If you’re looking for a relaxed weekend spot for an unhurried and leisurely brunch then Suma’s is ideal. You can even start the weekend early with a little bucks fizz… order me one will you?

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