review: the Oyster Box

Maybe it was the warm sunny weather after so many grey, and decidedly autumnal, days. Maybe it was the tray of oysters and menu stuffed with seafood and fish. Maybe it was the number of bottles of rose…but the Oyster Box delivered tonnes of holiday lunchtime feels.

The light and breezy dining room benefits from one of the best spots on the island and allows you to snag a table inside or out. Service is slick and friendly; well trained and smooth, which can be a rarity on this island.

The menu covers a range of quality seaside classics, fresh oysters, fried squid, scallops, lobster and crab tagliatelle, as well as meat and vegetarian dishes, but for a restaurant so close to and named for the sea I was disappointed not to see more adventurous seafood options. The plates were well balanced and nicely executed but lacked that extra sparkle that would make them truly memorable but all in all the Oyster Box was the ideal lazy summer lunch spot. Just make sure you finish it by heading outside with the rest of that bottle of rose, let the world go by and watch the sun set.

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