review: Noya Shapla

There are Indian restaurants and then there is Noya Shapla. We were spoilt with authentic restaurants when we lived in London and when we first moved back we struggled to find a tasty curry that hit all the right buttons. Then we went down to St Aubin, walked through into the subtly neon lit room and discovered Jersey’s best curry house.

The waiters are wonderfully friendly with all the flourishes of good training that make for a good neighbourhood restaurant. Delicious spices filled the air and only reading the menu made my mouth water. By the time the food came, all thoughts of photography left my head and we dove in with abandon so these shots are the best I could scrape together, Our winner was the tandoori chicken; moist with rounded spicing and a smoky finish that had us clamouring for more. The samosa were crispy and moorish, while every curry we ordered delivered  a different flavour profile which promised that many more trips will be needed to explore the entire menu. Noya Shapla watch out, as we’ll be back.

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