book: Rice, Noodle, Fish by Matt Goulding.

If you like food and travel then you will love this series of books published by Roads & Kingdoms. Each tome is a deep dive into a single country’s food culture accompanied by beautiful photography and graphics. I have always felt that food is one of the best ways to understand a country’s history and culture as the traditional ingredients and methods of preparation give us a real window into how a culture was formed over centuries.

The beauty of this book is it delves into a food culture that is very much alien to my Western palette, however much sushi I eat, and it is a fascinating ride. Matt fills each chapter with a focus on a different regional dish or style and throws a spotlight onto some of the key foodies of Japan to celebrate what they are doing to further traditional techniques and become masters of their craft. What I personally love though are the stories of how important food is in Japan and the rituals and traditions that surround this ancient culture every today; the passion for good food is so evident in the experiences he has in the country.

A fascinating book for anyone interested in Japan and, if you are anything like me, you will want to book your flight as soon as you finish the first page.

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