product: nduja

A spreadable spicy salami from a jar; a phrase that may not sound appetising but which promises to delivers punchy flavour with just the swipe of knife.

A product that hails from the southern Calabrian region of Italy, Nduja is a scarlet mixture of chilli, pork and spices that is a hero for a quick lunch or a tasty appetiser. Add  to a cheese toastie for a fiery treat, or heat a thin layer on crispy bread for a perfect pre-dinner nibble. It’s a wonder when a spoonful is added to a pasta dish or dolloped on a pizza and it can even be the perfect foil when smothered on flaky white fish and topped with breadcrumbs.

If you haven’t tried it yet and you like your food a little spicy, then give this Italian treat a go and you may just find yourself a new cupboard staple.

If we haven’t been to Italy or a good deli recently, we rely on this jar:


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