top 5: meaty treats

You’ve had a tough and exhausting day and all you can think about is something to satiate that serious hunger inside of you.  What is called for is a big plate of meat so that you can re-enact a medieval banquet and feel like a king tearing chicken off the bone with his teeth. Or you could pop down to one of these fine island establishments and order their best meaty treat while wearing a crown.

1. The Tomahawk at Banjos:a gigantic hunk of meat on a bone – there is little that that makes a dish more rugged even if you are in grand brasserie surroundings. If you can find a friend who’s in a meaty mood then the 900g Tomahawk steak rib on the bone is a perfect sharing plate. Cooked to order and served with your choice of sauces, watercress and grilled vine tomatoes this beefy beauty will tackle your hunger head on.


Image courtesy of Banjos

2 The Hungry Man special at The Hungry Man: the pretty harbour location is hard to beat but even as the weather turns cold a venture to Rozel bay and the Hungry Man is always worth the effort. The chunky breakfast rolls are legendary but a true protein filled blow out calls for you to order the beef burger. Each patty is made of 6oz of perfectly seasoned local Jersey beef with a choice of changing special toppings. If you finish it all you will happily lick your fingers clean so you don’t waste a drop.


Image courtesy of The Hungry Man

3. Reef and Beef at The Salty Dog: yes you might want some meat but you’re on an island surrounded by the sea so maybe you want something salty on the side. The Salty Dog’s Reef and Beef is there to help you tick both boxes. A chargrilled prime Irish sirloin steak is topped with seared scallops and king prawns and a tasty chilli, garlic and coriander butter sauce. A delicious taste of the land and sea with a signature Salty Dog twist.

Salty Dog

Image courtesy of The Salty Dog

4. The Grill at The Royal Yacht: if chargrilled meat is your aim then the historic Grill at the Royal Yacht is ready for you. With a whole range of cuts on offer your ideal chunk of beef is only an order away, cooked to perfection and with all the classic accompanying sauces and sides to choose from. Grab a seat at the bar and enjoy a delicious, meaty mouthful with well honed service.

The Grill

Image courtesy of The Royal Yacht

5. Szechuan crispy aromatic duck at The Mandarin Room: a curveball option that delivers a serious amount of flavour and a finger licking meatiness. Thin and crispy skin flavoured with spice and sweetness hides unctuous meat which is pulled apart into an addictive pile. Grab a warm pancake, slather in hoisin sauce, add cucumber, spring onions and a healthy dose of duck and then tuck in. You won’t stop until the plate is clean

Mandarin roomImage courtesy of The Mandarin Room

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