book: My Life in France


Having spent many a childhood holiday in France, in many ways a trip there feels as familiar as home and it means that I have always had a weakness for all things French. It’s a fondness that I share with many people but which is demonstrated no more clearly than in Julia Child’s ‘My Life in France’.

For those you aren’t acquainted with Julia Child then you have been missing a treat. A genuine legend of American cuisine and one of the first ever TV cooks. For a quick delve into her life, try the film ‘Julie & Julia’ which follows Julia’s life as well as the life of a blogger who set herself the challenge of cooking all of Julia’s recipes in one year. When you see the size of ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ you will see what a feat that was.

This book however charts Julia’s years in France, the way that she fell in love with food and the start of her unintentional career in cuisine; her spirit and character scream from the pages. It’s an ode to the country that awakened her passion for food and the descriptions of Parisian life and her education at the Cordon Bleu stir dreams of living in France. I followed Julia’s footsteps the last time I was in Paris and many of the haunts that she describes are still there; my favourite being the E. Dehellerin store with every type of culinary equipment you can imagine.

If you love France, French food or an evocative travel book this is a perfect trip into the world of a fellow food obsessive. Grab your copy <a href=”http://My Life in France” target=”_blank” rel=”noopener”>here

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