review: Chateau La Chaire

The good old weekend in the country. When I moved back to the island I thought that was dead but I hadn’t counted on Chateau La Chaire or its old school charm that lulled us both into a a relaxation so deep I never wanted to leave. But what about the food?

The tasting menu surprised us in its quality and range coming out as one of the finest meals we’ve had in Jersey. With vegetarian dishes, seafood, meat, sweets and cheese every course had flair and elegance to surprise our tastebuds without being overly complex or rich.

One of my favourites was an umami rich mushroom arancini, crispy and soft, with  a fresh tomato salsa, while we were both impressed with the elevated take on carrot soup (yes, really) which made so much from such humble ingredients. The main course of a beautifully cooked piece of lamb with earthy, sweet beetroot and a moorish, sticky lamb bon bon also had both of us wishing for more.

Apart from the delicious food, Chateau le Chaire’s real speciality is getting you to relax into the moment unhurried, so you can switch off and enjoy a good bottle of wine and some conversation. Take my advice and leave the mobile at home and, if you can, book a room so your bed is only a short stumble away once all the fine service and beautiful platefuls have got the best of you.

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