recipe: Thai noodles with chicken, beans and holy basil

Holy (or Thai) basil is one of the heroes of the herb world. It looks like familiar old Mediterranean basil but whip off its Clark Kent glasses and you find somerhing full of aniseed. This quick and tasty stir fry makes the most of those little leaves. Not sure where to get Thai basil? Two…… Continue reading recipe: Thai noodles with chicken, beans and holy basil

a traveller’s plate: Mykonos places

My last post explored what you can expect to find on a Mykonian plate, but which plates were almost unforgettable? The stars of our trip to Mykonos…. 1. Kiki’s @ Agios Sostis beach: Once upon a time I imagine this beach side beauty was a relatively unknown treasure which travellers stumbled upon only in a…… Continue reading a traveller’s plate: Mykonos places

a traveller’s plate: Mykonos

Sparkling blue seas. Burnished sunsets. Cubist white houses. The images of Mykonos and its neighboring Cycladic islands are familiar to many and I have been lucky enough to throw myself into Mykonos’ delights for a summer sojourn. I could wax lyrically about the island’s many charms (and I would heartily recommend a trip to anyone),…… Continue reading a traveller’s plate: Mykonos