recipe: a Mediterranean summer salad

I may have just spent 10 days indulging in plates of Greek deliciousness but I can assure you that I have been feeding my mild feta addiction for quite some time! On a relaxed summer’s day a tasty salad is a perfect way to satiate your afternoon or evening hunger and this salad packs a…… Continue reading recipe: a Mediterranean summer salad

a traveller’s plate: Mykonos places

My last post explored what you can expect to find on a Mykonian plate, but which plates were almost unforgettable? The stars of our trip to Mykonos…. 1. Kiki’s @ Agios Sostis beach: Once upon a time I imagine this beach side beauty was a relatively unknown treasure which travellers stumbled upon only in a…… Continue reading a traveller’s plate: Mykonos places

a traveller’s plate: Mykonos

Sparkling blue seas. Burnished sunsets. Cubist white houses. The images of Mykonos and its neighboring Cycladic islands are familiar to many and I have been lucky enough to throw myself into Mykonos’ delights for a summer sojourn. I could wax lyrically about the island’s many charms (and I would heartily recommend a trip to anyone),…… Continue reading a traveller’s plate: Mykonos